Age of Not Believing

08 Jul

Friends often wonder why I am engrossed with the game. It’s a game inappropriate for your age, they say. Sometimes that worries me too. Adults must be adults. Children must be children.

But this game is the only thing in the world that makes my dream a reality.

Ever since I discovered my father’s books of house plans, I have been sketching house plans each moment I can find. And I dream. I was happy…

While other kids have talents of dancing or singing, I sketch house plans. I declared that once in the classroom when I was about 11. All the kids in class laughed at me, it fouled my guts. I thought, sketching house plans isn’t a talent, so I joined dance troupe and glee club instead.

At one point I wanted to be an engineer. I want to build houses, buildings, bridges, roads. But so-called wise people said, there is no money in engineering. Look at your older cousins; look at your aunt, your neighbor. They are still jobless. They have no money. Hmm…so money is the right goal in life; forget becoming an engineer or house plan drafter.

I am now an adult. Pursuing ambitions that other people dictated. Pursuing goals that are supposed to make me rich. Am I really happy?

It’s afternoon. There’s nothing to worry about reality for a while. I logged into Habbo. I need to finish designing that mini-soccer area. I am excited. I am back to my reality…

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