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08 Jul

There are many ways to be free. One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do. – Anais Nin

I have been blogging a lot on my two-dimensional existence in my effort to understand the multi-dimensional world. But those blogs would seem out of place in my supposed three-dimensional reality, especially when you share them to friends who haven’t immersed into any two-dimensional world, or who have this conviction that you are immature enough to waste your time in this kind of reality.

So I have dedicated this blog, to write about my experiences there. So far, however, there are only two two-dimensional worlds (or so I perceived), that I have entered into. These are the only worlds I am currently willing to “waste” my time, as well as money.

The first would be Tradewinds by Sandlot. I discovered this game in 2008, and for several months I was engrossed into trading and understanding the concept of the law of supply and demand and how it affects the prices of commodities. The game I suppose was discontinued, but it is still running in Facebook. This game, however, is just played nowadays whenever my top favorite game is on maintenance for a longer period of time. Otherwise, it is seldom played anymore.

The second, which is perhaps what this blog is all about, is Habbo by Sulake.

I discovered this site in 2009, after chatting with a kid. He told me that I might be interested in their concept and gave me the US site. It was not interesting at first considering that I do not have credits to maximize my experience. But when I discovered Habbo SG/MY/PH, I am hooked. Because I can already purchase credits just by typing a code on my mobile phone, my experience expanded, and there I discovered an interesting two-dimensional world that may perhaps define some portion of my whole life now.

By the blogs I write here, may I discover full understanding of how the two-dimensional world affects my three-dimensional reality, and perhaps find out how to move towards higher dimension (if they really indeed exists).

Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality. – Brian Tracy

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