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Age of Not Believing (Part II)

Not really sure if this piece must be placed in this blogsite or the other, but this seems to fit what was felt by me yesterday. This whole texts seem to answer the issues that kept bugging my mind lately and  it answered the article I wrote yesterday. Found in my inbox through my subscription of Daily Om, the whole article has indeed pushed me to return and to reclaim the creativity I have lost years ago as I was forced to enter by circumstances to the age of not believing. Perhaps, through my two-dimensional reality, I can fully grasp the lost opportunities and experience finally the life I have always wanted live since childhood…

Returning to Creative Dreams
Return and Reclaim

by Madisyn Taylor
Take the time to reclaim your creativity and watch your life blossom as a result.

As children, many of us entertained fantasies or even goals of being an actor, singer, dancer, artist, or musician. In some cases, we received enough encouragement to develop our abilities in those creative arenas, but somewhere along the way we stopped. This stopping may have been due to circumstances beyond our control or to our own unconscious acts of self-sabotage. Being creative can be scary in a world that seems to value logic over imagination and practicality over dreaming. We can forgive ourselves for shutting down or turning our attention away from our inner artist, but perhaps we can also take steps to reclaim our dreams.

In certain times and places, developing a creative ability was considered an important part of being a well-rounded human being. It was not necessary to be a professional or a masterly genius, because the act of creativity was valued in and of itself. It gifts are manifold—from the sheer pleasure of allowing our imaginations free reign to sharing and enjoying the fruits of our labor. Children share drawings and songs freely, without self-consciousness, and there is no reason why we cannot do the same thing. You may already be remembering some lost form of expression, such as making jewelry or writing songs. Your soul may be responding with an energetic lift as it feels its way back to a time when it was allowed to express itself freely. Your brain, on the other hand, may be throwing up obstacles, like the idea that you are too old or do not have the time.

The truth is, you are not too old, and if you have time to pick up a pen, you have time to make a doodle or write a haiku. Recognize that the obstacles you find before you have arisen from a place of fear and that they will wane in power every time you do something creative. Each creative act takes you deeper into a realm of beauty and magic, a realm that you have every right to return to and reclaim.


And I say, AMEN!

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Age of Not Believing

Friends often wonder why I am engrossed with the game. It’s a game inappropriate for your age, they say. Sometimes that worries me too. Adults must be adults. Children must be children.

But this game is the only thing in the world that makes my dream a reality.

Ever since I discovered my father’s books of house plans, I have been sketching house plans each moment I can find. And I dream. I was happy…

While other kids have talents of dancing or singing, I sketch house plans. I declared that once in the classroom when I was about 11. All the kids in class laughed at me, it fouled my guts. I thought, sketching house plans isn’t a talent, so I joined dance troupe and glee club instead.

At one point I wanted to be an engineer. I want to build houses, buildings, bridges, roads. But so-called wise people said, there is no money in engineering. Look at your older cousins; look at your aunt, your neighbor. They are still jobless. They have no money. Hmm…so money is the right goal in life; forget becoming an engineer or house plan drafter.

I am now an adult. Pursuing ambitions that other people dictated. Pursuing goals that are supposed to make me rich. Am I really happy?

It’s afternoon. There’s nothing to worry about reality for a while. I logged into Habbo. I need to finish designing that mini-soccer area. I am excited. I am back to my reality…

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Where is it?

There are many ways to be free. One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do. – Anais Nin

I have been blogging a lot on my two-dimensional existence in my effort to understand the multi-dimensional world. But those blogs would seem out of place in my supposed three-dimensional reality, especially when you share them to friends who haven’t immersed into any two-dimensional world, or who have this conviction that you are immature enough to waste your time in this kind of reality.

So I have dedicated this blog, to write about my experiences there. So far, however, there are only two two-dimensional worlds (or so I perceived), that I have entered into. These are the only worlds I am currently willing to “waste” my time, as well as money.

The first would be Tradewinds by Sandlot. I discovered this game in 2008, and for several months I was engrossed into trading and understanding the concept of the law of supply and demand and how it affects the prices of commodities. The game I suppose was discontinued, but it is still running in Facebook. This game, however, is just played nowadays whenever my top favorite game is on maintenance for a longer period of time. Otherwise, it is seldom played anymore.

The second, which is perhaps what this blog is all about, is Habbo by Sulake.

I discovered this site in 2009, after chatting with a kid. He told me that I might be interested in their concept and gave me the US site. It was not interesting at first considering that I do not have credits to maximize my experience. But when I discovered Habbo SG/MY/PH, I am hooked. Because I can already purchase credits just by typing a code on my mobile phone, my experience expanded, and there I discovered an interesting two-dimensional world that may perhaps define some portion of my whole life now.

By the blogs I write here, may I discover full understanding of how the two-dimensional world affects my three-dimensional reality, and perhaps find out how to move towards higher dimension (if they really indeed exists).

Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality. – Brian Tracy

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