Open the Sack!

31 Aug

Yesterday, a series of questions just popped inside my mind…

I asked these questions to my fellow Habbo mates.

  1. Are we really certain that there are 20 bronze coins inside the sack?
  2. What if we exchange and there are only 17 coins inside it?
  3. Who has really opened the sack?
  4. Can Habbo please open the sack to prove there are indeed 20 bronze coins inside it?

If the Habbo currencies are compared to each other (check the photo above), the bronze coin is indeed bronze, the silver coin is indeed made of silver, the gold coin is certainly made of gold, and so is the gold bar. But the 20 coins is hidden inside the sack!!! A sack is just a bag. According to Wikipedia, it is a large bag for carrying or storing goods. Now it says it is worth 20 coins; it therefore means there are 20 bronze coins inside the sack.

But what if a Habbo or Habbo itself missed to correctly count what’s inside the bag? Or, what if a Habbo or the hotel owner himself duped us into believing that the bag contains 20 bronze coins, yet it only contains 19 bronzes or less? Worst is it only contains stones or rubber ducks!!! A possibility since nobody has ever dared to really open the sack. That is absolutely criminal…and against the so-called Habbo Way.

Now, I am daring the Habbo Hotel corporate owners…prove to us that the bag really contains 20 bronze coins!!!

And I also shout the same to the governments and the central banks…prove to us that the currency bill we are carrying in our pockets are indeed equivalent to the amount of gold it represents.

Inside my miserably looking coin purse right now is the purple-colored one hundred peso bill showing the face of President Manuel A. Roxas. The currency bill is just a note or a symbol that I have a certain amount of gold hidden in the central bank. I am not carrying any gold, but I entrusted the central bank to keep that gold for me with the confidence that whenever I need that gold, I can get it anytime.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as of to date, the 100 Philippine Peso (PHP) kept in my purse is equivalent to 0.001 Ounces of Gold (XAU). Whoa! I am not poor after all — I own a certain amount of gold! Yay! But am I really assured that my gold reserved in the central bank is intact? Am I certain that the gold is really still existing? What if it is supposed to be more than what we are privy about? Or what if the currency note I am carrying right now has no value anymore?

So I shout to those who control the the sack!


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3 responses to “Open the Sack!

  1. flaginhand

    August 31, 2012 at 8:46 am

    I am completely agree with you! I will shout with you! Open the sack!

  2. flaginhand

    August 31, 2012 at 8:51 am

    This bag is a kind of Trojan horse, familiar and quietly lulled by our vigilance. Open the sack!

    • careScare

      August 31, 2012 at 9:18 am

      LOL I thought of creating a campaign group…like those protesters picketing in front of central banks and in US federal reserve buildings (saw them in videos only). It would absolutely be fun, entertaining and kids like us will understand what’s really going on. But naah! This question is enough to make us ponder on what’s really happening with the economy, even just the basics and even just with this two-dimensional economy. And hopefully it can stir us to be vigilant about it…


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