Hate to Be Banned

04 Oct

5 minutes more and I can already access habbo back…after 17 hours wait.

last night, i was talking to a friend that we miss another friend in habbo. this other friend is a real friend and we have been talking in skype ever since. so this other friend, whom i call Rawr, wondered what happened to my real friend. i told her “i just chatted with her earlier in the sky.” we suspect using the word “skype” is ban-able in an habbo conversation, so we have to short cut it. besides, this real friend of mine was also banned two months ago when she called anotehr friend for his real name, skye. so we have to be careful in using that innocent word.

but Rawr was confused, she did not get what i mean when i say i talked to our friend in the sky. i therefore added, “it’s that word where you add letters p & e”. then we laughed…

i was wondering why i am not moving anymore…then i got a screen that almost looks like this, with added sermon that i am talking against habbo way.


this is really totally hilarious for me. I AM ACCUSED OF SOMETHING I NEVER DID!!! i am accused of soliciting personal information from other players?!? when all i did was tell a friend where i and another friend last met.

good thing this is just a game. but still, this reminds me of the recent  Anti-CyberCrime Bill the stupid president of my country has recently signed. imagine if the put parameters parallel to the ones written in habbo? i will be in jail for words i innocently spoke…

is this what the new age is all about? the rise of people who have hang ups with the industrial era ruling over us in the age where intuition is supposed to be propagated?!?

oh, btw, i am supposed to be banned for 12 hours only. but because their incredible system is basing their time on UK time zone, my 12 hours is added with another 7 hours…

we’ll see if i am right. worst…i misread and they actually wrote — i am banned until 2016…paksyet!

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