An Award for Killing

02 Nov

Woohoo! I finally received my Death Badge on All Souls Day!!! Some timing…on the holiday when my religion is commemorating our loved ones who passed away.

For 161 days, I labored to get the Gardener of Death V badge, aka Death Badge. When I started planting, however, getting this badge was never my goal. I did not even realize then that the game is giving out badges for breeding monster plants. When several of my breeding partners are working towards the breeding badge, I joined the bandwagon. I stopped breeding plants once I received my breeding badge. But my serious colleagues kept on going on for the Death Badge. With nothing exciting to do in Habbo, except for the surprises brought by opening the seeds, I got motivated to pursue the badge that will allow me to kill 2000 plants.

But it was never easy. Because three of my friends already received their “killer badges” and decided to stop breeding, I was left alone breeding with mostly newbie breeders, which is quite stressful considering that they cannot understand yet the principles we tried to follow in breeding monster plants. So I kept postponing breeding, waiting for more sensible breeders to partner with, further delaying achievement of the badge. What more, it took me a long time to starve 2000 plants since the number of breeders are dwindling.

At any rate, I kept moving forward,and on the 161st day since I first opened my very first monster seed, I finally received the hardest badge to achieve in Habbo.

I’d say Gardener of Death V badge is one of the hardest because, unlike other badges, one cannot use Wired furnis to boost breeding. In order for one to kill one plant, one needs to acquire a seed, plant it and wait for it to grow in 2 days, unless of course if one is willing to spend for fertilizer potion. Second, you cannot simply kill the plant without breeding it with somebody. So there is a need to find equally good breeders to get another seed and move forward for another plant. After breeding, on needs to wait for the plant to die. If the plant is recently treated when it was decided to be put to death, there’s still a need to wait for about 3 days before the plant dies. Lastly, you need to be almost always present during the process. You need to be present when you open the seed. You need to be present at least once during the time the seeds are growing. You need to be present when you breed. Good thing there’s no need to be present when you painfully leave the plants to starve and die.

Among the badges I have achieved, I’d say the death badge is the most satisfying of them all. That’s why I am so proud of it…that’s why I am celebrating it – with ghosts and ghouls inside my tent at the backyard tonight…


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