Muted While Contemplating Mutation

11 Nov

There is no doubt…Habbo has the most irrational and most irrelevant disciplinary system in the world.

I was breeding with a friend in her room, when somebody came. Concentrating on which plant to breed with my plant and not really focusing on their talk, I saw in the scripts that somebody was banned until December. Thinking that it was my friend, I asked – “You’re banned until December?” She said no and pointed to her other friend, adding that her friend is banned several times. Amused, I said “LOL naughty girl”. Suddenly a small window telling me that the conversation was inappropriate appeared right before my very eyes while my mind is busy calculating about which plant combinations will offer mutation. Since my neurons quickly lost the path it is supposed to traverse, I immediately closed the window without really understanding what’s going on or why I got the message. My intention was clean, my mind was so pure. I just thought it was a mistake by the game.

Then when I am about to speak  my friend to start breeding with my plant, nothing appeared. The I kept talking, nothing. I thought I am lagging…or perhaps about to be disconnected. But nothing…

Only then I realized I was muted. Then reality sets in…

Trying to recall what happened beforehand, I reckon I am muted because of the words: “naughty girl”, considering its the only new phrase I uttered that time.

Now I’m asking…what’s wrong with “naughty girl”? Why has it become an illegal phrase now? The word “naughty” is harmless, especially for a non-native English speaker like me. Naughty is from the song, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Perhaps, its the only thing that reminds me of that word, when Santa tries to separate those who have been good and who have been bad, and not giving them presents when they are naughty. As I’ve said, my intentions are clean, my mind is pure, uttering the word naughty is nothing to me; it’s just equal to saying one isn’t nice.Naughty is the yang in the yin. Naughty is the black in the white. Naughty is the bottom in top, the right in left, the male in female.

But Habbo and all its irrelevant moderators and censoring system made me realize there is more to naughty than how I simply perceive it. And I wonder what it is.

The censoring system in Habbo and all the other censoring system all over the world actually create more harm than the good it is expected to come up. It would have been nothing if I was ignored about it. Come to think of it, I was not even really part of the conversation, I just butted in because my brain picked on something. But with the mute of I do not know how many hours or day, I am now malicious of the word “naughty”.

Censoring actually creates more harm.

Down with Habbo and their New World Order stance….Habbo is NWO puppet!

(Shhhh…it’s becoming obvious now that is controlled by the powers that be than by the real owners of the game…)

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