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Christmas In Two Dimensions

Interestingly, I always love spending my Christmas in my two-dimensional world. Interestingly again, the gifts I receive in this flat world is more exciting to open and more satisfying than the three-dimensional world.

I just realized that satiation is just inside our head. You don’t need something to touch to complete your day. Just thinking about it is enough…

I will be opening my gifts & stockings based on London time. I’ve been waiting for this since about 7 hours ago. I am supposed to prepare Christmas breakfast for the family, but because this is also my personal special day, I can easily tell them to give me this time to open my gifts…

*Waiting to open like a kid*

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Ghost Island Discovered At Last…

It’s beyond midnight now, and still here I am, zombified by the game. I still have work tomorrow, or at least I think I still have, after a week of absence. Anyways, I just cannot turn off my laptop after I realized I am almost done with my Ghost Town when all the necessary Diableries are cooked. I am extremely curious on how this particular island would look like, so I decided to continue (the hell with sleep & work! it’s the holidays, anyway.)…

Here it was before:

ghosttown01Some of structures are just added by me

With the last requirements needed to build the Ghost University,



This is how it turned out:



I just love this part of the game where ugly islands are turned beautiful. Not only will I get exciting surprises, I will also have new decorations that I cannot afford to purchase 😛

But this is not the end for the Ghost Island since there’s another task I need to fulfill:




Yep! I was able to find the said decoration,




But because this particular decoration cost a lot (in ZB, you see), I can’t decide whether I should keep it & not complete the task, or remove the item and gain 5ZB *sigh*

I’ll just go to bed…

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Zombies…What For?!?!?

These are my islands in the World of Zombies (Zombie Islands). I must have been obsessed by it for over 4 months now. While the game indicates that I will be controlling zombies, it would seem that the zombies have controlled my life *sigh*. Every day, I (with the help of my assistants) make sure I am logged in to do something…anything. As of this writing, I am at Level 52, where I get to grow those black hands needed to make the screws. While I was at the lower level, I thought I will be satisfied just growing those black hands. Now I want more! And I am currently obsessing trying to complete the emerald constructions at the Ghost Town.

Every day, as I lay down to sleep…I kept wondering…what for?!?!

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