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Death of My Zombies

I just  received this from my Habbo minimail:


I do not know if I should cry or not, be extremely anxious or not. Since June, when I discovered this game, which I have been ignoring for months, I got, literally, zombified.

World of Zombies is one of Habbo’s third party games that has been running together with Snow Storm, Fast Food, Streetz, Hero Zero, Matchwood, Permia-Duels and a lot more. I did not care much of them, except Fast Food for a while since it gives out achievement points for my Habbo avatar.

World of Zombies, on the other hand, caught me in its net when I reopened it in June  due to boredom months after my initial opening. It was supposed to only fill up some of the empty space of my large corpus callosum, but it got out of hand.

I was curious as to why a friend, has stopped talking to me and is shown playing the game. So I sort of stalked her, curious as to what is there that made her spent most of her Habbo time in that particular game.


When I opened the game, I received lots of gifts, which made me very impressed. Any games that would give lots of gifts is a good game 😀 Who doesn’t love gifts?

However, I still don’t know how it is played. I thought it’s similar to Habbo’s style of networking. I can see zombie avatars of some of my friends, yet I cannot talk to them to ask guidance as to how the game is maneuvered. Days of playing, I realized you are on your own in the game. The social aspect only comes in gift-giving. Perhaps you can communicate with others, but gifts must be attached. And because I was still poor then (LOL), I decided to be on my own, which is natural for me.

It got me hooked not just because of the gifts, I realized it is the kind of game that I like.

1. I own virtual properties I can manipulate without paying anything
2. I can plant and harvest in specific times depending on the kind of plant. There is something about farming that I like, perhaps in the idea of producing something. You plant, you live leave them to grow, you harvest. That makes everything seems reality, except of course on the number of hours the plant grows.
3. I own slaves, brainless slaves! While others abhor the idea of slave ownership, I think it is innate in all of us to feel superior, to feel important to have someone we can simply make commands to and to do our bidding. The god-complex in our DNA, maybe?
4. I own cooks. And the list of the recipes that they can cook is long. The formula of the recipes is quite intriguing that I even wanted to make some for real.
5. The game allows me to earn, digitally earn of course. Just by simply planting and selling (without marketing my product; I hate marketing!), I can earn thousands to millions of coins.
6. The store is filled with goodies I can buy as long as I have coins. And to earn coins, I plant and sell. It’s the simple formula of economics – you produce to consume. If you don’t produce, you cannot earn coins that can make you buy something from the market.
7. And they are not just selling rubbish, they are selling stuffs I can use to decorate my island. I love decorating. I am obsessed with decorating, the reason why I stay in Habbo.

It’s over half a year since I played the game daily in between work (I can only count with my fingers the number of days I was offline with the game). Since there are tasks to be completed that gives prizes, there will always be something to do. And I can do it all by myself, without the help of others.

Oh wait! I still need others for the game. It is hard to move on if your friends are not playing. And because many of my friends have given up, especially that friend that unknowingly led me to the zombie’s trap, I decided to activate my other avatars. With their help, I was able to play continuously. So yeah! I can really stand alone with the game 😉

As of this writing, I am at level 55. After reading the message from Habbo staffs, I tried to reflect on my countermeasures.

Yes. I think it’s time for me to kill my zombies. I have been too much zombified by the game that I stopped talking to my friends. If I talk to them, in the middle of an interesting subject, I’d remember the game and make excuses to stop what would have been a fulfilling human conversation. I also stopped being creative, a thing that Habbo is offering. Since World of Zombies has already given “formulas”, my creativity is only limited to the “formula” they have provided. What more, I have forgotten other creative feats I can do over the Internet and the so-called real world because of the zombie routine I voluntarily put myself into.

My brain was eaten by the zombies. And a rescue is just in order.

In the meantime, while waiting for its slow death, I’ll still keep on playing, not as passionately as before, but just to get a dose of medication for my obsessive-compulsive nature…

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Why I Love Watching Sofies Verden

When the roller coaster I am riding is just a few inches above earth, I watch this movie to help me reaffirm that there is really no truth in life. Money isn’t the truth. Material stuffs isn’t the truth. That man nailed on the cross isn’t the truth. Everything we see in this world is just an illusion. I must not stick to only one ideal. This way, when I am flexible to what is happening to my so-called reality, the roller coaster will ascend again making my life exciting once more.

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A Day Without My Games

Spent the day in “reality”. Never tried to open any computer games. Never let myself be bothered if I was able to plant in my islands, or made sure that my zombies have something to cook, or being updated with the latest New Year’s promotion.I think I can live with it. Except the fact that while I am trying to write this blog, my brain pushes me to multitask. So I clicked the new tab button, and right now…Habbo, with World of Zombies, is loading…15%….30%…69%…

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