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An Awesome Book

As one grows older, one simply just forget to dream impossible stuffs. All that’s in your mind are things necessary to put food on the table. Dreaming weird stuffs are just so impractical and a waste of time, when you should be earning money to acquire things. When this happens to me…I pick this book and remind myself to dream strange stuffs, to imagine the impossible…then I am back to being a normal human being again….

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I’m A Zombie Survivor

A kid kept on sending me messages that there’s no use playing the game because it will stop by march
31, or that the zombies will die on that date, or something to that effect. The messages must have been
triggered after I kept sending her daily gifts despite the fact that she has already declared defeat.

Here I am, still playing the game. While not as enthusiastic as before, I still tried to live.

So I sent her this message along with a gift: “You don’t kill yourself just because it’s end of the
world, right? Keep playing!”

Perhaps my allusion is apt to what is going on to the realities of humans all over the world.

You do not kill yourself just because the government and few scientists has declared it is the end of the world.

You do not take a gun and put it on your head just because the doctor said you will die within two months.

You do not drop from the roll just because you did not pass a test and marked ‘unfit’ by the authorities.

Life is indeed tough. After having been over the hill, life really isn’t easy. There are so many threats that can occur, so many warnings that makes you give up. At times, I want to simply give up….surrender. I want to hang myself in that mango tree. Yes. I am looking at it now that strong mango tree.

Not because life is filled with difficulties but because it’s extremely boring and useless. It’s not fun anymore.

Just like this game now. It’s boring. I am all alone. Everyone has packed up. Everyone migrated back to
their realities. Everyone has erased any evidences of their existence.

I could choose to join them. I could go back to the reality everyone agreed is the truth. But I
chose not…

I want to enjoy every moment here with my brainless companions. I want to observe even the tiniest
event that can occur. I still want to experience those small triumphs brought in by the smallest
tasks that may not bring me fortune, but would give me satiation as i breathe every moment of my life.
And I want to record those things, those moments that i can tag as memories when i have already
moved on to the next world. So that, when I am there sitting on the fluffy clouds, I can smile as I try recall how I tried hard to live.

I will still play the game until it closes down…

(Thanks to the inspiration of the movie No Se Aceptan Devoluciones 😀 )

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