RoomSketcher: Our Kitchen and beyond…

05 Nov

Finally, I decided to make use of my idle time “playing” with RoomSketcher and sketch our house plan — for real and the reality.

I have been asking my mother for the blueprint but she was lazy to look for it, so I thought of postponing sketching our home.  But earlier today, we were talking about buying a new kitchen top because the laminate is already cracked and I always imagine all those microorganisms lurking within the recesses of the cracks and finding the chance to jump into our food. It was supposed to be this year’s project after the family vacation, but due to some sickness in the family, I thought of making it as next year’s project.

However, I was watching these YT videos by user Frank Howarth and as I was listening to his stories, he said he had been working on his kitchen for months. I thought, why do I have to be very impatient and really wanted to finish a project at once and spend a lot when I can actually do it piece by piece depending on my availability of funds and work on it without hiring contractors….perhaps just hire my cousin who is on her way to graduate from architecture degree or our licensed engineer neighbor who happens to be my brother’s best friend and usually hire my brother as his obsessive-compulsive amateur “mason”.

Anyways, while drinking my dose of caffeine this morning and studying the kitchen tops trying to estimate how much I would be budgeting, I took the dressmaker’s tape measure (since I do not know where the carpenter’s tape measure is) and started to measure the counter tops. I thought I’ll just sketch the base cabinets so I will have an idea on whether to choose the 60 x 60 tile or smaller to fit the existing floor tiles etc.  But as I was sketching it in RoomSketcher, I started to measure all parts of the kitchen and sketching it in the program.  Here’s the 2D rendering of how our kitchen roughly looks like (since I cannot change the color of the furniture he he)…


Eventually, however, I was extending the measurements to include the other parts of the house, especially my room and extrapolated other parts which I cannot measure.  So here’s how it looks like now:


I still have to add several details such as the bay window, other windows etc., but I need to prepare to go to church for the anticipated mass.  I am so excited to work on this.  Perhaps we will be able to edit this to remodel our home.  I cannot wait to convert the living room (which is becoming useless now since we are all staying in the kitchen and our own bedrooms), into my brother’s workroom and a small receiving room for my mother’s prayer group…

Meanwhile…to church I go 😉


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