My Bedroom-cum-Guest Room

07 Nov

So now I am trying to figure out what to do with my room to make it useful not just for me but also for relatives on vacation.  See, our home happens to be used as pseudo-ancestral home for my mother’s side of the family.  Although they were born and had lived most of their lives on the other island, my grandparents died in our home. Well, my grandmother had an attack in my room and died the next day in the hospital. While my grandfather died in my brother’s room. While my grandmother was buried in the island she lived most of her life, she was reburied in my city when my grandfather died some years ago.  With this reason, plus my mother being the eldest of the children, our home became, what we like to call, ancestral home…but of course it might never be as this home has never (yet) produced descendants ha ha…

At any rate, with Christmas vacation nearing, relatives might decide to pop in for the holidays.  This always become sort-of a problem since, considering that we are family-oriented, hotels or inns for vacationers will always be a no-no. No matter how small the house is, everybody should fit in the house…like sardines in a small tin can.

My father never provided a guest room when he designed the house. He always say, “When they come, just throw sleeping mat and pillows at them and let them find a space in the living room!” Well, we used to do that – throw mattress, sleeping bags, tents, pillows at them, and I join them in sleeping in the living room, or sometimes in the pitched tent at the lawn. But, the living room now has been rendered useless. Meaning, instead of humans living in that room, other inhuman beings are already making it as their habitat. If we disturb these being’s habitat, they might get wild and attack our vacationers.  The reason why I need to remodel my room to accommodate relatives when they are in the city.

Anyways, as I am trying to figure out how I’ll remodel and refurnish my small room, before I purchase new bed/s and repaint the wall, I’d like to see how it looks like now (more or less) and how it should have been according to my late father’s plan.

In the present, I have decided to place both my sister’s and my bed side-by-side to make it bigger. They are single beds and are really useful if my aunt come for an overnighty. However, a single bed is not good for me anymore. Several months ago, I woke up with half of my body outside the bed. I have to admit, that bed was for when I was still a kid…and I am not going to be the same size as I was before.  Therefore, a larger bed must be in the budget.


As I was trying to imagine how I’ll renovate my room to be converted to guest room when needed {{{while I sleep on the floor in my mother’s room}}}, I tried to recall how my father really wanted it when we were younger. My father had always emphasized a particular picture in the magazine of how he wished our room should be arranged.


Perhaps, by comparing his dream and the current set-up, I can eventually decide what I really want about it…I might extend the room to make it larger – depending on availability of funds.

Yen-Den Room then-now01.jpg

Yen-Den Room then-now03.jpg

Yen-Den Room then-now04.jpg

note: the reality of the current set-up is…it is extremely messy with books and laundry *sigh*

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