Unpublished/Incomplete: written 3 years ago

15 Nov

Every time my colleagues and I immerse ourselves into deep talks, one of the youngest among us always reminds me that “everything we see is just an illusion”.

Like any other teenager, I used to dream about acquiring several materials stuffs. Cars (and how I still dream to own a VW Beetle convertible), mansions, yachts, furniture, jewelry, gadgets, my own island etc etc. I thought that once I found myself a job, I will finally have them. So I strive hard to finish my education (like almost all Asians, at my parent’s expense), so I will land a decent job that will slowly begin my quest to  acquire those material things written in my bucket list. I strive hard to get top honors because they said, once you get at least a Cum Laude, top companies all over the city will hire you immediately. I like things to be easy, to be hired immediately, that is, so I worked hard to earn excellent grades and later write a dynamic resume. But as expected from people who knows me, I failed in that because of my rebel mouth. Professors do not want to be challenged by students. Asking them questions they cannot answer is a no-no if you are aiming for honors. So, I did not get a Cum Laude by about 0.5 point.

It did not matter much to me though because when I started looking for jobs, several companies wanted to hire me. However, I accepted the government job away from home. Yes away from home – to prevent me from spending too much 😛 I told myself, with a job in the government, I will be more secure financially, I will have security of tenure, my childhood dreams will finally come true.

So I worked hard…really worked hard. Overtimes, I accepted without question. Extra assignments I accepted eagerly. I even signed in for a part-time job teaching out-of-school youths just to increase my income. I never went into credit, disciplined myself not to join the loan system. But at the end of the year, I only saved as much to be some small gadgets.

I worked hard more. Enrolled in higher education to increase my worth. Even went to the point of stepping few individuals just to get higher in the government ladder to earn more. But it seems nothing happened.

So I changed tactics. Loan experts kept whispering to me that I cannot get what I want if I will depend only on my savings. You have to enter the loan and credit system. I do not want to; my mother’s voice kept ringing inside my head – never ever do it. But I told that voice, “why would I listen to you?

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