Unpublished/Incomplete: written 3 years ago

15 Nov

I can actually live without humans surrounding me. I only realized that at this stage of my life. Or perhaps, I only realized that because of the Internet. Although, I’ve always wished to be placed in a capsule with devices that can communicate other beings like me and thrown out into the dark, deep outer space. I just reflected about it nowadays and understood clearly that I was actually imagining the very comforts of my own bedroom. Or maybe not. If there is such a thing like reincarnation or something similar to it, perhaps what I think is my reality now is actually just an avatar or an illusion of a being who is actually inside a space capsule.

I don’t know. I am confused on how to articulate something that has been bugging me for days and weeks.

Family members kept saying that we need other human beings to complete us a person. This is what society has been reminding me before and when Internet is still existent in offices and businesses, yet expensive for home-use by the masses. It was my computer that was first hooked to the Internet in a certain local government. I am proud to say that I was the very first one to have access to the Internet among the

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