Unpublished/Incomplete: Written 4 years ago

15 Nov

I will never deny it. Habbo has indeed taken almost half of my waking hours (sometimes including sleeping hours) every day.

Is Habbo really worth wasting time?

My answer always is – not sure.

In the first place, I have my own home there. In fact I have a large home that I most of the time forget to enter in weeks my other rooms. I have huge inventory of furnis. Well, being somewhat a minimalist in real life, I define my collection of furnis as massive.

I can earn gold bars in Habbo. If gold bars are hard to get, I can get sacks of coins instead. Otherwise, I can have gold or silver or cheap old bronze coin. Its easy to have them. Just sell two normal furnis, and out you get a bronze coin. If not, there’s a code to enter in the mobile phone to purchase coins.

I have pets too. The real world does not allow me to take care of lion in my backyard. But Habbo does. I have never mounted a horse, but Habbo made it possible for me. If you love dragons, you can get them in this world easy for just a few coins. Can you imagine how much millions will you spend to get those fire breathers in real life?

And there are monster plants. Lately, these little monsters are using almost all my available time. While I have already minimized breeding, especially since I am almost about to complete my collection, the treating or watering of plants uses much time.

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