Virtual friends often ask me how old I am. My answer is, “I am over twenty!”

And they wonder why I am still playing the game. Musing about it over and over, the only thing I can think of is, “It’s the only world where I can be free.”

“So you are not free in your current world?”, they inquire.

I say, “Adulthood suppresses who you really are. The real dreams you have while you were still seven or ten or fourteen are not always possible once you enter the so-called real world. While others are comfortable about it, I am not. My virtual world, this two-dimensional world, allows me to explore all possibilities I am certain I cannot have in my real three-dimensional world. And it gives me that invigorating satisfaction.”

And I move on, recalling episode 18 of Rugrats Season 2…


So what do you think?

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