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Soon: Carpentry 101

I thought I am good at multitasking, but I’m not. When I thought I could draw my dreams through Sketchup and blog at the same time, it was actually hard. So for the past months since my last blog, I have actually been drawing and drawing…mostly about my dreams…from my bedroom to the house extension to tiny homes to doghouses…

But I am not just a dreamer; I am also a doer.  All these dreams I have drawn, I want them to be real.  At first I sketched three-dimensional models and computed the cost of building them. It was easy, but soon I realized I really do not like hard labor – especially sawing.  Yet I do not want to hire people to labor for me. I want to create my dreams myself.  Not only because it will mean something to me, but also because, hiring labor, such as carpenters and masons are expensive.  Not only will you pay them for working on your project, but you will also be forced to cook snacks and lunch for them. While it is not required, culturally, it is expected…so…no! I do not want to hire others to do my projects…

Now, what should I do since I really detest sawing lumber? I have done it several times before, and I really hate it.  I do not mind hammering nails. I do not mind using those planer or sand papers, I just don’t want to use hand saw. But a saw is one of the most essential carpentry tools in order to build my dreams…

Hmmm…power tools!!! I need to buy power tools!!!

But I am very amateur, and power tools are way expensive for my level. Besides, I need to learn to use them so it will not all result to waste….

Then it hit me…I need to study carpentry first. So a few months ago, I checked the website of TESDA.  I’ve known that the courses there are for some of the marginalized sector in the population.  I really do not like to categorize myself with that…pride and all.  Yet, TESDA seems to be the only institution that can offer basic carpentry at a minimal cost.  I know basic carpentry from my experience with the men in the family, so I really do not want to be spending a lot on something that seems “easy”.  All I wanted from it is learn how to use the power tools so I can proceed realizing my dreams.

So a few months ago, I decided it would be fun to register my name for a carpentry module in a local school.  I thought, I’ll just register for the sake of it but will not expect to receive some scholarship especially since I was honest about my educational attainment.

Weeks later, I received emails telling me to wait to be contacted.  Still I was not hoping much.  I was willing to shell out some amount for the tuition, but not so much. I was ready for it, actually.

Then last month, I received an SMS telling me that I am qualified for the TWSP scholarship.  It was exciting, but I was still skeptical because I find it impossible for them to grant me free tuition on this type of learning module.  Aside from that, the registrar of the school with whom I talked with over the phone was doubtful that I will be granted after I talked with her using my “authoritative” voice.  Yet I persisted!  I immediately went to the school and registered there. Luckily, I was assigned to a school just walking distance from where I live, and walking distance from where I work.  So I guess, it’s already a sign that the scholarship is meant to me.

2 days ago, they sent me another SMS reminding me of an orientation. What?!?! No interviews anymore? Weeeeeh!  I have actaully been preparing to be interviewed, already prepared to talk about my sob stories just to get accepted. But I don’t think I need them anymore…or hmmm…it’s still orientation….

So tomorrow, I will be going to the orientation for TESDA’s Carpentry module.  Apparently, the government is trying to up the construction sector of the nation.  Perhaps they are not really prejudice about some of the advantaged population in the society (which I like myself to be part of LOL).  And why would they? Those who actually have careers, are already professionals, they are actually those who have the motivation to work; they are more stimulated to better the nation than those population whose only primary goal is to put food on the table.

I am not being arrogant about this opportunity.  It just got me thinking since whenever I talk to people that I receive some sort of scholarship from the government, particularly Training for Work Scholarship Program, they think that I am corrupting the government since they program, they said, is actually for the poor people in the society.

But come to think of it. Poor people in this country, when they get the education needed for them to work, all they want is to go abroad.  They do not want to be part of the nation-building, except on sending dollars to the country.  But professionals, like the way I think, although I cannot say I am getting this training to find work, since I already have work, my plans are actually to contribute something to the economy.  I have no plans to go outside the country…I just want to build to eventually earn something and pay the required taxes.

Dang! I will just wait on what will happen with tomorrow’s orientation, then continue my piece…

For now, can’t wait to turn my two-dimensional designs to three-dimensional realities…weeeeh!


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