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Half Science, Half Luck

Just like you, the monster plants are also the result of both science and luck. Imagine your father who possess the actor-like physique. Stories of girls and women getting crazy about him has been going on since you were born; perhaps the way a top level Abysswirl’s story goes when not only girls are wild about them but boys too. Then your mother. Your mother is considered one of the most intelligent women in her field of specialty. She is a star, just like a Cyaneus Wystique, that enigmatic cyan-colored star that every Abysswirl is looking for in the hopes that they can produce the perfect set of offspring they can swank to their friends and the whole world. Everyone thinks that because of the genes your father and your mother have, they will be able to reproduce an absolutely flawless ten-point child. But will they really? Are you that impeccable child every perfect parent dreamed of? Or are you that stupid kid who made the lives of your wonderful parents miserable? Are you the ugly duckling?

So one day, the tall, dark and handsome Atamasc Abysswirl hooked up with the Cyaneus Wystique. The attractive Atamasc Abysswirl is ranked level 9. Cyaneus Wystique is also ranked the same. According to science, the genes are already there for a perfect breed. Atamasc, or red, according to the hypothesis made by several Habbo geneticists, is a dominant color. Cyaneus, or cyan, is also dominant being the topmost color. Positive and positive will always result to positive. Oh really?!?

When breeding these Habbo monster plants, the first thing we, the self-professed Habbo geneticists, consider is the first principle:

“Everything in life is half science and half luck. This is also true when breeding Habbo monster plants”


This means that there is a system or pattern being followed during breeding. For instance, an Atamasc Abysswirl, nicknamed Red Abby, and Cyaneus Wystique, nicknamed Cyan Star, will always produce either an Abysswirl or a Wystique. It is unlikely for them to produce a Blungon (onion), or a Shroom (mushroom), or any other lower breeds. So when breeding your plant, you can be assured that you will get the same shape as what you or your pair has. This is also true with colors. It is unlikely for red and cyan to produce yellow or green. In most cases, the breed expected to be produced is either red or cyan.

This is spot-on with humans. It is unlikely for your father, from the white race, and your mother, from the yellow race, to produce a brown race child. Or it is unlikely for your parents who are both tall, to produce a very short kid. Unless you consider the element of luck…


Luck may be defined as blessing or accident. This is the element that science cannot yet define. Luck may either be due to mutation, or may probably be due to some deific providence. Perhaps today the heavens are dictating that you will get low level plants, or just plainly due to the shuffling of cards. There are many instances when the Red Abby and Cyan Star produced Amethyst Abysswirl, or the so called level 8 Purple Abby. There are stories of both these level 9s producing level 8s. Level 8 may be a Red Star, which also follows the pattern above, but it is just low level. There is also luck when one gets level 10 plant, while the other pair has level 8 plant. The luck element has to do with the fact that you will never know what you will get.

You can only surmise based on science, but you will never be assured of the result. And this is what makes monster plant breeding tremendously exciting and addicting. If we are definite of the result based on the system, everyone will have level 10 (Cyaneus Abysswirl) plant by now… and breeding monsters become an instant nonevent…

So you are asking me, your friendly two-dimensional monster plant geneticist (LOL),  what will happen when Atamasc Abysswirl and Cyaneus Wystique is bred?

There are several combinations that may occur. These combinations are the result of both science and chances we keep ranting about.

First, it can result to Cyaneus Abysswirl (10) and Cyaneus Abysswirl (10). The most well-sought, fervently prayed combination by any breeders.

or it can be Cyaneus Abysswirl (10) and Atamasc Abysswirl (9). Not bad at all.

Sometimes, it can result to Cyaneus Abysswirl (10) and Cyaneus Wystique (9).

or Atamasc Abysswirl (9) and Atamasc Wystique (8)

or Atamasc Wystique (8) and Atamasc Wystique (8)

or Cyaneus Wystique (9) and Cyaneus Wystique (9)

Or you can mutate to lower plants, such as Amethyst or Cinereus Abysswirls, but never a Wystique, unless total bad luck really finds you.

So it is up to you now how you will take this…just remember that without the element of luck and chance, this world will be the dreariest place to live in.

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