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Teleport to Ancient Egypt

It’s all about Ancient Egypt nowadays, and inasmuch as I promised myself that I will really purchase and be involved in anything Ancient Egypt, I did not. Not because I do not like it, but because it is too expensive for me. I would have liked to own a Pharaoh’s tomb cum teleporter, but spending 12 coins seems to me a waste of credits. The sand and pyramid are also tempting to purchase, but I am such a cheapskate lately. So I will just live vicariously this Ancient Egypt experience through the room made by my friend, who seems to portray it the way I think about Ancient Egypt – that the ancient gods from the heavens are controlling the lives of those living at the wide sandy expanse by the Nile River.

And all these reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Wilbur Smith, who can describe Ancient Egypt vividly, transporting you to their world through the characters of Taita, Queen Lostris, Pharaoh Tamose, Nefer etc etc…including Trok Uruk (must be the most interesting name of all Smith’s characters).

drat! is that the all-seeing eye?


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