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From Bedroom Wall to Bed

When I am beginning to feel lazy with life, I make an effort to change my environment just to get myself motivated again. In this case, since half of my week is working online, in my own bedroom, and the hospital-medical research is beginning to feel redundant, I need to find a way to keep inspired. Because I am the kind of person who thinks a lot, I also get bored very fast. So, I see it fit to make some major change in my bedroom, and not just arrange the mixed up clean and dirty laundry or throw away useless stuffs.  I therefore decided to change the color of my bedroom wall and buy cheap vinyl flooring.

yen-den-room-now-02 Currently, my bedroom wall is colored yellow.  I do not know what came into my mind that day when I chose this color. This used to be pink, the default color my father chose since, well, girls. Then my father pasted cream or beige wallpaper.  But as I grew older, I became my father’s daughter by also favoring blue and brown, his two favorite colors.  That day when the wall needed to be repainted, my sister and I begged for black. But my father said, “…then better buy a coffin if that’s what you want!” So we ended having the one of the three available colors in his inventory that time – yellow.

While it was OK before, I became hating the color since it’s the color of the stupidest political party of the country. As I am beginning to get involved with political issues, the more I hate anything that has to do with that color. So I thought before to repaint it. But it dragged on and on until some years ago that I had the chance.

Everyone wanted to change it to white; I decided I’ll go for this neutral color too. So I cleaned the wall to prepare for repainting. I brushed it hard and cleaned with soap and water. As soon as it is dry, we realized that it just looks newly repainted – only that it is still yellow. So I thought, I’ll just ignore the color for now and use the funds for other stuffs.

But now, I am really bored about it. It is now becoming a wall of dirt, again. So I checked RoomSketchers for possibilities:

YenBedroom Colors02.jpg

Then it hit me…

Why am I choosing the wall color now when I do not know yet what type of bed I should purchase nor I haven’t decided yet if I’ll finally remove that table and bookshelves attached to the wall?

Because if I have to make some renovations, I better plan on it to consider the future. If I will repaint now, it means, some portion of that shelves will not be painted. See, according to my brother, these attachments might be delicate when removed as there are evidences of termites at the other side of the wall. Which means that by the time I decide to remove these attachments, I will have to repaint again. {{{Always, always consider the availability of funds…}}}

Now the dilemma…where should I start?

Should I just paint now and repaint those areas at the right time?

Should I purchase a new bed instead and work from there?

Should I just wait for the bulk of funds to come in?

Hmmm…I decided, I’ll just try to work on the bed. Double bed? Single beds? Tatami? Bunk bed with the lower bed larger than the upper one? When I checked the prices of each of these kinds, I felt bad about it.

I thought, I need to have a practical bed. A bed that is fine with me when I am alone, but is also efficient for my relatives on vacation, as well as useful as a storage. But with that specification, it means it is more expensive than the ordinary type, plus it’s not available in the stores here. Unless if one

I am not trained as a buyer, I am trained as a builder. The same way as I eat; I do not simply go to fastfood restaurants to get my nourishment, I like to cook the food myself.

So just like food, bed should also be made according to how you like it. Unfortunately, while I can create and have lots of ideas, I do not have the carpentry skills. The last time I attempted carpentry with the cabinet doors, I was punished with all the aches and pains for sawing just a thin piece of wood by hand (my father’s power tools were already sold years ago 😦 ).


Hmmm…I think I will just design my bed…purchase the materials…and let somebody else cut the plywood according to my specifications. Then I will assemble the wood, add embellishment if there are any, and paint it myself. Not a bad idea, me-self!!!

So, using a trial subscription for SketchUp, here’s my initial plan:


This is the very first time I used SketchUp. I like it so so much!!! But sadly, it’s only good for 30 days as it is really really expensive.  So I’ll just make sure I can decide on my bed frame within 30 days 😀

About the bed:

  1. It should be wide enough for at least 2 persons. Perhaps, a Thailand-standard double bed, which is actually the size of the mattress I placed on top of the two single beds now. But, a Thailand-standard single bed isn’t bad – 97cm width is actually fine. I think my aunt & uncle will actually fit in that size. The only problem is if there’s a mattress for that size in the market.
  2. It should have a pullout bed for my aunt or anybody who comes for an overnight. Perhaps 60cm in width. I’ll just use the two 30x35cm foams we already have.
  3. Then the rest of the area should be storage…storage…storage…
  4. Lastly, termite-free…no idea what to do yet…

Now, I have a plan! SketchUp, here I come!!!

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