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Truman Sun

I wonder why Habbo is having ancient civilization furnis and the sun. The sun is perhaps the most intriguing furni for me because instead of it dominating the room, it can be controlled by moodlight. Now who controls the sun that way, unless if you’re in the movie like The Truman Show.

how the sun is supposed to look like

when used together with moodlight, it lost its dominance

Even if it is in two-dimensional world, I was hoping for furnis to work like it is in the three-dimensional world. Because if they won’t, it would seem like we are offering these two-dimensional beings, like my Viridulus Shroom, unfair perspective of the real sun.

But then, considering that it is just the first time that the little monsters have seen a real two-dimensional sun furni, how would they know what a real sun looks and feels like?

Back to why the game is now offering ancient Egypt and reservation furnis. Drat! My mind just became riddled with conspiracy issues, especially related to the ones shown in History Channel. I love watching them that I even get to the point of reviewing them over and over. But I never believe 100% of what was shown there. I thought they are publicized to make the common brain believe that they exist.

So is Habbo in for that same issue? I hope not. But I still love the new furnis. Although…I did not buy any of them yet. I want to save…for the end of the world LOL

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